Program: Open Basketball 4s (Cambridge)

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Fall: Dec 31 - Dec 31
NotesMore Information
Game TimesMonday start times: 6:30, 7:30pm
Friday start times, 6:30-9:30pm
League Dates
# People In Play4 total. Min. 0 men/0 women
Suggested Roster6-8 people
League NotesDETAILS:
Officiated Status: This is a self-officiated league.
Format: Open 4-on-4. This is an open league which means there are no gender requirements.
Game Length: All games are 55-minutes in length
Equipment: All equipment will be provided and set-up onsite.
Skill levels may be combined based on final demand. Our expectation is for good competitive fun to be the priority for all our members.
Players/teams who are unable to make sportsmanship and fair play a priority will be removed from the league without a refund.
Monday: 12 games, including 2 weeks of playoffs for all teams. No games on October 9 (Thanksgiving Weekend).
Friday: 12 games, including 2 weeks of playoffs for all teams.

Location Notes
Monday games will be played at Avenue Road Public School in Cambridge.
Friday games will be played at Pere-Rene-De-Galinee in Cambridge.
Other locations may be used in the event of school cancellations/closures.
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All FALL TEAMS that register by August 25th will receive a set of 8 team t-shirts at no extra cost! Includes free shipping! Team captains will be contacted within a week of registering from “Prestige Promotion”. Checkout Team T-shirt FAQs for more info.

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