Program: Open Football (Flag) - Outdoor Turf 5s (Waterloo)

Registration Page
Spring: Dec 31 - Dec 31
: Jul 06 - Aug 31
NotesMore Information
Game TimesStart times: 6:30pm-9:30pm
League DatesWednesdays: May 4 - June 29
Wednesdays: July 6 - August 31
# People In Play5 total. Min. 0 men/0 women
Suggested Roster8-10 people
League NotesDETAILS:
Officiated Status: This is a self-officiated league.
Game Length: All games are 55-minutes in length.
Time: Games will be played between 6:30 and 10:30pm.
Format: 5-on-5. This is an open league, meaning all are welcome without a minimum gender requirement.
Skill levels may be blended based on final registrations.
Our expectation is for good competitive fun to be the priority for all our members.
Players/teams who are unable to make sportsmanship and fair play a priority will be removed from the league without a refund.
Teams who need flags can pay a $75.00 flag deposit and receive their set of flags on the first night of their games.
League dates are subject to change based on Public Health Guidelines and COVID-19 Restrictions.
Wednesday: 9 games, including 2 weeks of playoffs for all teams.
Wednesday: 8 games, including 2 weeks of playoffs for all teams.
Location Notes
Games will be played at St. David Catholic Secondary School. Additional locations may be used in the event of cancellations or closures.
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All FALL TEAMS that register by August 26th will receive a set of 10 team t-shirts at no extra cost! Includes free shipping! Team captains will be contacted within a week of registering from “Prestige Promotions”. Individuals that register also qualify for t-shirts. More info to come closer to league start dates. Checkout Team T-shirt FAQs for more info.

Please make yourself familiar with JAM Policy. You will need to know it if you register with us!